A new record is coming in Spring 2021.

Night Alerts (2015)

The 11-song followup to their album The Starling (Captive Ring) features Dennis Crommett (vocals and guitar), Max Germer (bass), and Dave Hower (drums) — all members of acclaimed Northampton band Winterpills — and Brian Akey (guitar), previous member of Winterpills and current lead guitarist for Dryer.

Spanish For Hitchhiking has spent nearly 15 years playing countless shows as part of Northampton’s vibrant music scene. In 2012, they recorded a cover of “El Clavo Y La Cruz” with Black Francis (Pixies), for A Tribute To Repo Man on American Laundromat Records.

Upon the release of The Starling, the Boston Phoenix wrote that SFH “make indie rock the way the kids used to, pre-white-belt emo and Hello Kitty cute, with abraded minor-chord guitar accents underscoring singer/guitarist Dennis Crommett’s unpretty, rumpled-guy laments.”

Released April 21, 2015. Produced by Spanish For Hitchhiking. Engineered by David Chalfant at Sackamusic. Mixed by Philip Price at the Boomerang Ranch. Mastered by Pete Weiss at Verdant Studios.

The Starling (2004)