[SFH] make indie rock the way the kids used to, pre-white-belt emo and Hello Kitty cute, with abraded minor-chord guitar accents underscoring singer/guitarist Dennis Crommett’s unpretty, rumpled-guy laments.” -Jonathan Perry

Spanish For Hitchhiking has been part of the vibrant Western Massachusetts music scene since 2001. The band: Dennis Crommett (vocals and guitar), Dave Chalfant (guitar), Max Germer (bass), and Dave Hower (drums). Members emeritus: Brian Akey, Pete Weiss.

The band’s new record Wild Love is out now. It’s available on limited-run CD or download from Bandcamp. Their previous record, Night Alerts, was released in 2015. It’s the followup record to SFH’s 2004 debut The Starling.

In 2012, they recorded a cover of “El Clavo Y La Cruz” with Black Francis (Pixies), for A Tribute To Repo Man on American Laundromat Records. Black Francis also joined SFH at a show for two songs (watch video here), and Dennis opened a few Black Francis solo shows in the Northeast.

Recent press:

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