“[SFH] make indie rock the way the kids used to, pre-white-belt emo and Hello Kitty cute, with abraded minor-chord guitar accents underscoring singer/guitarist Dennis Crommett’s unpretty, rumpled-guy laments.” – Boston Phoenix


Spanish For Hitchhiking has played countless shows as part of the vibrant Western Massachusetts music scene since 2001. The band: Dave Chalfant (guitar), Dennis Crommett (vocals and guitar), Max Germer (bass), and Dave Hower (drums). Guitarists emeritus: Brian Akey and Pete Weiss.

As you’ll note from the personnel above, guitarist Dave Chalfant has returned to SFH in 2018 after being an original member of the band. SFH has also been lucky to have drummer, trumpeter, and multi-instrumentalist Anders Griffen to the fold for practices, creating new sounds.

SFH is currently working on songs that will become a new album, most likely in 2019.

The band’s most recent album, Night Alerts, was released in 2015 on their own label, Secret Teeth. It’s the followup record to SFH’s 2004 debut The Starling (released on a friend’s label, Captive Ring).

In 2012, they recorded a cover of “El Clavo Y La Cruz” with Black Francis (Pixies), for A TributeTo Repo Man on American Laundromat Records. Black Francis also joined SFH at a show for two songs (watch video here), and Dennis opened a few Black Francis solo shows in the Northeast.